Driving Whilst Disqualified – Why you should take legal advice

A great result for Charlotte de Rosnay on a Driving Whilst Disqualified case at Leamington Spa Magistrates Court
Charlotte’s client was charged with Driving Whilst Disqualified. She was pulled over by the police because her car flagged as not having a valid MOT or Insurance policy in place. The police checked her driving credentials and discovered she had been disqualified from driving. She was therefore arrested and charged with the offence.
When she went to Court she instructed Charlotte de Rosnay that she had no knowledge of the disqualification and no knowledge her insurance and MOT was therefore invalid.
On speaking with the Prosecutor it was clear that there was no evidence of the initial offence leading to the disqualification but with some probing Charlotte discovered it had taken place in another County. Her client instructed that she had not been to that County before and had not given her car to anyone who may have done.
She was therefore advised to make a Statutory Declaration to the Court, stating that fact. The case out of area was reopened and evidence disclosed.  A not guilty plea was entered to the re-opened matter and a not guilty entered to the Driving Whilst Disqualified.
The new matter of Driving Whilst Disqualified was eventually withdrawn which left the out of area matter. The client received notification that the case too had been withdrawn.
This was an excellent result and may not have been possible without a solicitor to take her through the complicated process.
Driving whilst disqualified is a serious offence and a prison sentence is a possibility. It is possible to be accused even if you are not aware you had been disqualified. At John Onions we will consider your case in details and advise you of the best approach in achieving the best possible outcome for you.
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