Motoring Solicitors

The impact of a motoring conviction can be just as drastic as a conviction for crime. Loss of a driving license can affect your ability to work and support your family. Some motoring matters are so severe that a prison sentence can follow conviction.

If you are going to be interviewed by the police about a driving matter one of our motoring solicitors can be there with you. It’s a free service so there’s nothing to lose.

For serious cases at the Magistrates and Crown Court, we can apply for legal aid for you. If you are not eligible we can quote you a competitive, all-inclusive rate to manage your case.  You can read in more detail about individual motoring offences at our Motoring Defence page. Contact us on 01926 886007 or by filling in the form here.

Initial advice is always free. Even if you decide to go it alone, it’s worth knowing about the process and be prepared for what is going to happen. So whether you face a speeding conviction or a drink driving matter, contact us today.

Don’t go it alone!

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