Pete Gotch’s Success in Loughborough Magistrates Court

lorry weight

Pete recently travelled to Loughborough Magistrates Court for a lorry weight restriction trial.

The case involved a lorry driver who was accused of driving through a lorry weight limit area. A conviction for such an offence would have cost him his job and therefore his livelihood. Pete worked tirelessly at gathering the information needed to prove that his client was not driving, and was simply loading his lorry. Mr H was therefore found not guilty after trial. As the client was paying privately a defence costs order was awarded for the clients costs.

After trial Mr H said “I knew Pete was the best. Thanks to John Onions Solicitors. This was a matter of principal for me and I’m so glad we won. Pete demolished the Prosecution, it was really something to see”.

If you have any queries, or face your own trial in the Magistrates or Crown Court you can contact Pete Gotch here 

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