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We recently wrote a blog about new driving laws that have come into force or are due to in 2018.

Learner drivers

From June 2018 learner drivers have been able to drive on the motorway. Instructors are encouraged to give their pupils some motorway training to prepare them. Have you encountered any yet?

New MOT Rules

New rules for MOTs came into force in May. You can read more about this in a blog post here.

Did you know that MOTs have been scrapped for classic cars? The Government announced that vehicles over 40 years old would be exempt from an MOT test as from May 2018. You can read the details here

Car diesel tax

We also wrote about the changes to car diesel tax. From April, new changes came into force focusing on reducing air pollution targeted solely at diesel cars. Again, you can read more about this in our previous blog here.

Driving in closed motorway lanes

From Spring 2018 new laws have been put in place to prevent motorists from driving in lanes that are closed. This is already an offence but from Spring the new law will bring into force fixed penalties for people seen driving in closed lanes. This link gives further information on safe motorway driving

Children’s car seats

Presently, the law states that all children must use a car seat until the age of 12 or 135centimetres tall. After that, they must wear a seatbelt like all other passengers.

Children under 15 months are now required by law to travel in backward facing car seats. Many studies have shown that this is the safest position for a young child to be in in the event of a crash.

The rules on backless booster seats also changed. Now, backless booster seats are only suitable for children taller than 125cm or weighing more than 22kg.


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